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Since our inception in 1999, Antiva has helped businesses, not-for-profit and public sector organisations develop coherent Strategic Plans and deliver their goals through sound project management.

In 1999, six senior executives who had executive experience at the highest levels in AT&T, BBC, Rover Group, SpotCo., E&Y and Diageo, set up a company to assist companies that were going through major pain implementing new systems to satisfy Y2k.


It became very evident that the majority of these failed implementations arose from the fact that nobody within the organisation could espouse their business strategy or determine what tools were required to deliver products and services that met their customer requirements. 

Today the challenge for many Corporations is developing and delivering a culture of continuous improvement that delivers "value" to their customers.  This can be very difficult in the new Digital and Disruptive Age.  Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management are key to creating value from the structured and unstructured data available to businesses.  Antiva consultants have significant experience in creating value from data where none existed before.


Trained in Lean Thinking, Agile Project Management and Change Management, and experts in identifying issues in Value Chains, the Antiva approach ensures that organisations meet their customer and clients needs in an efficient and cost effective way.


Andrew Jones
Principal Consultant

One of the original six founders of Antiva and the Principal and Managing Partner since 1999.

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