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  • Andrew Jones

Lessons to be learnt from Sport

Watching the run up to the UEFA European Championships 2016 there is so much talk about whether some of the minnows such as Wales will be able to overcome some of the more established favourites.

The coaches of the underdogs usually point to two things. Meticulous preparation of all elements of the players accommodation, food preparation, sports psychiatrists, coaching facilities amongst a long list; but primarily they believe that success for them will come from the closeness of the individuals in making a team. They have belief in each other, an appreciation of each others skills and an ability for every team member to contribute their skills and passion to deliver the strategy that the coaching team has come up with.

Wales might have Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey, but there are 27 other players in the squad who will have to play well to defend their goal and to provide good ball up front to enable the strikers to score.

So why is is then whenever Antiva is asked to provide turnaround support to companies in distress do they nearly always come up with a management team that have no common strategy, managers driving their own agendas and CEOs who have forgotten that their role as "senior coach" is to identify weaknesses in their set up and harness the collective skills of everyone.

If they had been a football manager, they would have been sacked!!!

So if you want your company to succeed even if your a minnow then do the following:

  • Develop a strategy that every team member buys into.

  • Make sure that the information that you build your strategy on is right.

  • Make sure that everyone contributes to that strategy and everyone buys into it.

  • Involve all employees from all levels and ask them for their opinions.

  • Monitor the performance of everyone and coach them to become better team players.

Most of all make sure everyone is pulling in the right direction.

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