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Senior Consultants

Andrew R E Jones

Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

An internationally recognised expert in Strategic Planning, IT Dispute Resolution, System and App designs and Programme & Project Management.  Advisor to companies of all sizes as well as governments and financial institutions

Alan Charlesworth

Associate Consultant & Chairman of IPS Group

Chartered Accountant by profession and expert in finacial and strategic planning as well as successful executive and interim recruitment.  Previously MD of IPS Group (Recruitment Company) 

Neil Sheth

Associate Consultant & CEO of ONLY WAY ONLINE

With over 10 years of digital marketing experience, Neil has experience helping businesses in multiple businesses reach more customers and create brand awareness online

Ray Anderson

Associate Consultant - Credit Scoring

BComm/MBA with 30 years of experience in banking industry. Involved in credit scoring and decision automation since 1996.


Wrote internationally published textbook called "The Credit Scoring Toolkit".  Called the Bible of Credit Scoring by Oxford University Press.

Specialties: Statistical modelling, decision system automation, consumer credit risk assessment, credit bureaux, etc.

Nilesh Shah

Associate Consultant & CEO of Accely

Antiva has worked with Accely on a number of projects for clients where implmentation odf ERP, CRM, Knowledge Management and Big Data Modules need to be implemented.


Accely have also been involved in developing cutting edge Apps for clients and providing secure Cloud solutions.

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