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Strategic Planning Workshop

Fail to Plan - Plan for Failure

So many executive teams are so busy on the day-to-day management of operational issues that they fail to take the time to evaluate where there business needs to be heading over the next three years to achieve market share and to develop a product and service offering that will meet customer expectations.


In this rapidly evolving era, businesses that fail to analyse where they are and where they need to get to over the next three years gradually find that they are losing business to competitors who are more innovative and in touch with changing market characteristics.


Since 1999, Antiva Professional Services have been assisting businesses to develop a culture of “Innovative and Forward Planning” through workshops that help the executive understand where they are and develop a programme of that will put their organisation in the best competitive position to deliver what the customer wants when he needs it.

The Strategic Planning Workshop

Antiva provides a facilitator that guides executives through a two day workshop which helps them understand where they stand to today, evaluate where the market is going and what they need to do over the next three years to ensure they meet the demands of existing and potential customers.


Most importantly the executive come away with an agreed common set of values, objectives and actions, an understanding where the concentration of effort needs to be and a road map for them all to work together as a team.


Time and time again, Antiva facilitators have seen how these sessions invigorate management teams and how this has led to spectacular changes in improved teamwork, a common understanding in what needs to be achieved and a significant increase to the bottom line.

Why use a facilitator?

Antiva’s facilitators are experienced executives of successful business and recognise that often executive teams can be influenced by a single or couple of individuals in a team who rarely give all team members the chance to contribute.  This leads to frustration in a team and inevitably leads to some people “playing a different tune” to one that everyone should be playing. The facilitator works much like a sports coach in ensuring that all ideas are heard and discussed. Some of the dumbest sounding ideas have often proved to be less dumb than at first consideration!


Secondly, the Antiva facilitators are successful Business Strategists that can ask the right questions to get maximum benefit out of the two days and to achieve the objective of a road map in what most would consider a relatively short time. After two days so many businesses that have used Antiva have commented on the significant change in culture that now continuously strives for innovation and a larger slice of market share, whilst understanding the constraints and the importance of Return on Effort and Resources.

Workshop Contents - Preparation, Day 1 & Day 2

Please click on the following links to reveal the activities undertaken prior to the Workshop and during the 2 Day Workshop.


Preparation and Day One


Day Two and Road Map

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